Don't Be Afraid of Those Rock Chips!

If you get a pesky rock chip-don't stress about it-if you deal with them right away-they are manageable. It's not so much the rock chips that are the problem, as much as the cracks that form from them are. They are the real culprits. Cracks will spoil your fun, for sure. They not only weaken your windshield substantially, but they can seriously obstruct your view, and can even get you a ticket. But it can all be avoided if you just get it taken care of in the first place. It doesn't take long-under 30 minutes or less, and your insurance might even cover it. Even if they don't-you will be saving loads of money by repairing it and avoiding having to buy a new windshield-much cheaper option here. Just don't ignore your rock chips-the more time they have, the more likely they are to expand into big, annoying cracks.
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