Fading Headlights? A Symptom of a Bad Car Battery.

Have you ever been driving at night and notice your headlights are weakening? Don't just shrug it off as an odd occurrence or occasional inconvenience. Fading headlights could be a symptom of a failing car battery.

A car battery doesn't last forever. You might want to ask yourself how long it has been since you purchased your car battery. Many batteries have a life expectancy of three to six years. Some last longer and some less.

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What are some other signs? You might also experience other symptoms like a weak horn, flickering interior lights, and your engine struggling to start. None of these are acceptable for anyone who depends on their car.

If you're worried your car's battery might be nearing its expiration date, visit our service center for a car battery inspection today. The professionals at Fox Ford of Cadillac in Cadillac, MI can help you diagnose your problems and find the fix you need.

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