Stay Connected with SYNC 3

Some of the most revolutionary new technologies are improving the quality of our lives in so many ways and the automobile industry certainly is not lagging behind. SYNC 3 is among the most game changing technologies on the market today and will completely change the way you interact with your vehicle.

SYNC 3 can provide you with a secure link to your smart phone and with the enhanced voice recognition system, you can give voice commands to both your vehicle as well as your smart phone. You can answer phone calls as well as initiate them, have texts read aloud to you as well as reply with just your voice, keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Check your fuel level without ever having to leave your house, plan your travel route and destination as well as see all the points of interest relevant to you in the area around your destination and make driving up and down the streets looking for an ATM a thing of the past.

Head on over to Fox Ford of Cadillac today and take a look at everything that SYNC 3 can do.

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