Tire Care Tips

On a periodic basis we like for you to bring your vehicle in to our Cadillac location so that we can give everything a thorough inspection to make sure your vehicle is running efficiently and it is safe. We look at a number of different areas of your vehicle whether it be the air filter, cabin filter, fluid levels, gas mileage or tire pressure and tread levels. Your tires are what keep you on the road and safe, so this is an extra important area of your vehicle to pay attention to.

Your tire tread can tell you if you need new tires soon but your tread levels can also give you an idea if other areas of your vehicle are working properly. If one tire is wearing down quicker than the other three, something could be wrong within that wheel well that is causing problems of some sort. If you need your tires inspected bring them to our service center here at Fox Ford of Cadillac.

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