4 Lightning-Fast Detailing Tips That Will Have Dirt Gone in 60 Seconds

Forgive our pun, but Autoblog Details recently posted a video tutorial on how to clean your car so fast, it's like pulling a heist on dirt. With these tips, dirt will be gone in 60 seconds... well, maybe more like 300 seconds.

1. Clear all trash and stored junk from the car. You'll be amazed how much more spacious and tidy your Ford looks after tossing everything into a trash bag.

2. Give it a quick rinse and dry. Forget doing a full wash for now—just rinse the car with a hose, and dry to a shine. To avoid scratching up the paint, make sure you wash off all the serious dirt, and dry using a lubricating drying agent, and clean microfiber towels.

3. Dress the tires. It's quick and easy to add a tire-shining product to the rubber sidewalls, and it will give your car a fresh-from-the-detailer look.

4. Clean the windshield. Remove windshield smudges and streaks by using a waffle-weave microfiber towel meant for glass, and automotive glass cleaner.

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