Why Every 2018 Mustang Owner is Going to Need More Tires

Tires are designed to stick to the ground—that's why you don't just skid when you press the brakes, and why you go when you press the accelerator. It takes a powerful engine with a lot of torque to make the wheels spin freely against the ground, while the vehicle remains stationary.

This move is called a burnout, because you are burning your tires. By some measurements from drag racing cars, the surface of the wheels can exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Forget hyperbolic hot-sidewalk metaphors—you could literally cook an egg at that temperature.

It just so happens that the least powerful engine of the Mustang line is getting even more torque for the 2018 model year, and it's getting to the point where describing it as "least powerful" doesn't do justice to how over-powered the bigger engines are. All 2018 Mustang models have more than enough grit for a furious burnout.

So Ford decided, "Why not make electronic line-lock standard?"

This feature is used by professional drag racers to make smoking their tires easier—easy enough that anybody could do it. And now, if you own a Mustang, you can.

When you burn rubber, you are burning away tire tread a little bit at a time. It's so fun to do, we have a feeling a lot of customers will be coming in for new tires more often.

Worth it.

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