Time for some Vehicle Maintenance? Schedule Servicing Online with Fox Ford of Cadillac!

Are you experiencing concerning screeches, clangs, or thuds? Fear not! The Fox Ford of Cadillac team is ready to help! With a team of service professionals at the helm, drivers from Houghton Lake to Roscommon, MI and beyond can rest easy. Our service team is passionate about not just fixing your vehicle but providing excellent service and efficiency as well! We understand that your wheels are your freedom. We want to help Harrison, MI drivers get back on the open road and on the way to their next adventure!

Why choose Fox Ford of Cadillac?

Our team of professionals are factory-trained Ford technicians that are experts in the realm of Ford vehicles. However, if you don't own a Ford vehicle that doesn't mean we can't help! Cars, trucks, and SUVs are all welcome vehicles! Plus, drivers can check out our general service offers! Everchanging, our general service offers give drivers a chance to save some money depending their service needs!

Schedule a Service Appointment Online!

We're staying modern! Houghton Lake drivers can schedule their appointments right from the comfort of home thanks to your online scheduling tool! In a world that's ever changing, drivers need service providers that can adapt. Fox Ford of Cadillac is here and as modern as ever! Of course, we're not so advanced that we don't accept emails, calls, or in person visits! Drivers can choose whichever form of scheduling suits them best!

Want to learn more about our Service Offerings? Stop by or Contact Fox Ford of Cadillac!

Our team is excited to help drivers with their service needs! Head over to our online service center and schedule an appointment today! From oil changes to rotor replacement and tire changes, the Fox Ford of Cadillac team is ready to help!

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